Character Info

Name: Laharl

Age: 1313

Occupation: Son of an Overlord

Slept for two years after his father, the former Overlord, died. He despises his father for some reason unknown to those around him.

Name: Etna

Age: 1470

Occupation: Laharl's Vassal

Formal vassal for King Krichevskoy. Still has unwavering loyalty towards the former Overlord and constantly is comparing Laharl to him.

Name: Flonne

Age: 1509

Occupation: Angel Trainee

Came to the Netherworld to assassinate King Krichevskoy, who she believed to be the Overlord at the time. Since he was already dead, she decided to join Laharl.

Name: Mid-Boss

Age: Who cares?

Occupation: Mid-Boss

Prefers to be refered to as "The Dark Adonis". Too bad everyone just refers to him as "Mid-Boss". Vyers loves to make flashy entrances and uses the word "beautiful" with everything he does.

Name: Prinny

Occupation: Servant

Former humans who have committed great sins that were forced into reincarnations as Prinnies to attone for those sins. They serve their sentences in Celestia or the Netherworld.

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