Classes and Spells

Brawler Class

LVL 1: Brawler

LVL 5: Pugilist Unlocked

LVL 12: Fighter Unlocked

LVL 25: Black Belt Unlocked

LVL 50: Wushu Master Unlocked

LVL 100: Eternal Fist Unlocked

Prerequisites: None
Warrior Class

LVL 1: Warrior

LVL 5: Battler Unlocked

LVL 12: Centurion Unlocked

LVL 25: Champion Unlocked

LVL 50: Hero Unlocked

LVL 100: Cosmic Hero Unlocked

Prerequisites: None

Cleric Class

LVL 1: Cleric

LVL 12: Bishop Unlocked

LVL 25: Sage Unlocked

LVL 50: Prophet Unlocked

LVL 100: Savior Unlocked

Prerequisites: None
Mage Class

LVL 1: Red/Green/Blue Mages

LVL 5 Red, Green AND Blue Mages existing at the SAME TIME -> Star Mage

LVL 35 Star Mage -> Prism Mage

LVL 50 Prism Mage -> Galaxy Mage

Skull Class: Skulls follow the Unlock Pattern and Spell Acquisition for Mages.

Prerequisites: None
Archer Class

LVL 1: Archer

LVL 6: Sniper Unlocked

LVL 14: Striker Unlocked

LVL 30: Valkyrie Unlocked

LVL 60: Ace Archer Unlocked

LVL 120: Freischutz Unlocked

Prerequisites: Any character with a LVL 3 Bow Mastery.
Scout Class

LVL 1: Scout

LVL 6: Surveyor Unlocked

LVL 14: Ranger Unlocked

LVL 30: Strider Unlocked

LVL 60: Geo Master Unlocked

LVL 120: Lord Unlocked

Prerequisites: Male/Female Warrior and Male/Female Martial Artist at LVL 5.
Rogue Class

LVL 1: Rogue

LVL 6: Thief Unlocked

LVL 14: Bandit Unlocked

LVL 30: Prowler Unlocked

LVL 60: Raider Unlocked

LVL 120: Space Pirate Unlocked

Prerequisites: Male/Female Warrior and Male/Female Martial Artist at LVL 5.
Ninja Class

LVL 1: Ninja

LVL 7: Adept Ninja Unlocked

LVL 18: Elite Ninja Unlocked

LVL 37: Shadow Ninja Unlocked

LVL 75: Master Ninja Unlocked

LVL 150: Shinobi Unlocked

Prerequisites: Male Warrior and Marital Artist at LVL 20.
Ronin Class

LVL 1: Ronin

LVL 7: Samurai Unlocked

LVL 18: Bushi Unlocked

LVL 37: Kengo Unlocked

LVL 75: Blademaster Unlocked

LVL 150: Shogun Unlocked

Prerequisites: Female Martial Artist and Warrior at LVL 20.
Knight Class

LVL 1: Knight

LVL 7: Vanquisher Unlocked

LVL 18: Rune Knight Unlocked

LVL 37: Chaos Knight Unlocked

LVL 75: High Knight Unlocked

LVL 150: Space Knight Unlocked

Prerequisites: LVL 10 Female Warrior and Mage.
Recruit Class

LVL 1: Recruit

LVL 10: Officer Unlocked

LVL 25: Cyborg Unlocked

LVL 50: Psi-Soldier Unlocked

LVL 100: Space Police Unlocked

LVL 200: Space Marine Unlocked

Prerequisites: Any character at LVL 30 Gun Mastery.
Angel Class (Angels are randomly assigned an element at creation and will learn associated spells)

LVL 1: Angel

LVL 10: Angel Cadet Unlocked

LVL 25: Angel Soldier Unlocked

LVL 50: Crusader Unlocked

LVL 100: Avenger Unlocked

LVL 200: Paladin Unlocked

Prerequisites: LVL 100 Female Healer, Rune Knight and Archer.
Majin Class

LVL 1: Majin

LVL 28: Mega Majin Unlocked

LVL 56: Giga Majin Unlocked

LVL 120: Omega Majin Unlocked

LVL 250: Tera Majin Unlocked

LVL 500: Divine Majin Unlocked

Prerequisites: Male Martial Artist, Warrior, Scout, Ninja and Thief at LVL 200.

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