The lowdown!

Basically, if you've ever wondered what would have happened had Etna managed to kill that pesky little Overlord Laharl, now is your chance to find out. The story follows Etna through the same number of stages, and pretty much the same problems that Laharl faced. So, go ahead, kill Laharl and see what Etna is made of!

To see what Etna is made of, access all of her Journal entries by investigating and pressing the switches located behind Laharl's throne and the skull located at the Rosen Queen shop in the Overlord's castle. Then go talk to the corner behind the prinny where Loginus is and in the last episode, you'll be given a code, use it at the start screen.

Or, just go to the Start Screen, put the cursor on the New Game option and press Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X. All enemies will start at level one in Etna mode. For the DS X,Y,B,X,Y,B,A.

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