Downloadable Character Evilities

Evility Effect Unlocked
Fair and Square Increases inflicted damage by 30% during 1 on 1 battles. Initial.
Mercy Always leave 1 HP, when enemies are lower level. Level 120.
Striker Guild Increase ability (stats) by 5% x number of allies equipped with fists. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Princess' Glow Increase stats of adjacent male units in class by 10%. Initial.
Princess' Hope Increase critical rate of adjacent unit by 20%. Level 120.
Princess' Orders Increase Magic Range of adjacent unit by 1. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Milk Increases ATK & HIT by 30% for 3 turns when defending for one. Initial.
Natural Defense Automatically face the direction of your attacker when defending. Level 120.
Metal Wall Number of counterattacks will not decrease during defense. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Skill Count Increases stats by 3% x number of units damaged using specials. Initial.
Super Guts When at max HP, HP will remain when attacked by a death blow. Level 120.
Tie Magichange range increased by 1 panel. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Copy Ninjutsu Copies evility of the first character defeated during battle. Initial.
Greatest Kunoichi Avoid attacks from the side by 30%. Level 120.
Fencer Guild Increases stats by 5% x number of allies equipped with swords. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Eros Change Increase weapon stats by 20% when Magichange is done with a female. Initial.
Power of Eros Increase stats by 20% per adjacent female unit. (Caps at 100%).Level 120.
Peeping Glasses Increase the equipment bonus of Glasses by 20%. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Bound Attack Increase special skill damage by 10% for every empty tile targeted. Initial.
Evil Saint Spirit Increase the equipment bonus of Orbs by 20%.Level 120.
Fighting Spirit Increase normal attack damage by 100%. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Prediction Randomly changes the effect of Evility after the turn passes. (Check Prediction Evility every turn for new effect.) Initial
Absorb Magic Increases INT by 5% every time you get hit by magic.Level 120.
Archer Guild Increases ability by 5% x number of allies with bows. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Geo Break Nulls Geo Effects on self. Initial.
Badass Nonsense RES down by 50% during odd turns, INT up 50% during even turns.Level 120.
Badass Impulse ATK up by 50% during odd turns, DEF down by 50% during even turns. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Witch Power Increase magic damage by 100%. Initial.
Trance Increase magic damage by 50% when SP is below 25%.Level 120.
Grudge Increase INT by 10% per defeated ally. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Captain's Revenge Grants another action if your first normal attack is dodged. Initial.
Captain Tower Increases damage by 10% x number of units below you in a tower.Level 120.
Gunner Guild Increases stats by 5% x number of allies with guns. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Kung Fu Master Inflicts 10% DMG done to a unit on a normal attack to adjacent units. Initial.
Hero Assist Increase stats of adjacent ally "Hero" titled units by 30%.Level 120.
Lancer Guild Increase stats by 5% x number of allies with spears. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Metal Detector Defeated enemies will always drop a treasure chest. Initial.
Super Barrel Bomb Increase all barrel explosion damage by 100%.Level 120.
Auto Protect Automatically Defend against physical special attacks. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Necromancer Increase stats of adjacent ally zombie units by 20%. Initial.
Overlord's Servant Increase stats of adjacent ally "Overlord" titled units by 30%.Level 120.
Invincible Clan Increase stats of every zombie all on map by 5%. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Devourlord Steals 10% of adjacent enemies' current HP at the end of turn. Initial.
Base Camp Recovers HP and SP by 5% while in base panel at the end of turn.Level 120.
Second Attack Win When HP is below 25%, will always counterattack. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Onyx Blade When Magichange ends, monster will remain instead of human. Initial.
BFF 5% bonus to stats for the leader of a club.Level 120.
Crimson Tear When magichange ends, increase stats by 20%. Level 240.

Hero Prinny
Evility Effect Unlocked
Red Scarf Revives user at the base panel. (deployable units 1). Initial.
Hell's Finest Increase evade by 50%, but damage taken x 10.Level 120.
Ultra Dessert Recover 5% HP every time unit is thrown. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Defender's Sword Increase damage by difference between current SP and max SP. Initial.
Defender's Proof Aptitude for all belt items equipped increases 20%.Level 120.
Defender's Shield Automatically Defend against magic special attacks. Level 240.

Prinny Kurtis
Evility Effect Unlocked
Defender's Gun Increase damage by difference between current HP and max HP. Initial.
Super Prinny Bomb Increase all Prinny explosion damage by 100%.Level 120.
Requiem Increase stats by 5% for every exploded Prinny. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Harem Increase stats by 5% per female ally unit on the map when all girls on map (minus Mid-Boss). Initial.
Beauty Step Aptitude for all Shoe items equipped increases 20%.Level 120.
Naked EXP Gain +100% when not equipped with any weapons/items. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Hit and Run When attacking before moving, MV after action increased by 3. Initial.
Lonely Wolf Increase stats by 30% when unit is the only ally unit in battle.Level 120.
Witch Guild Increase stats by 5% x number of allies equipped with Staffs. Level 240.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Judo Black Belt Throwing Range +1. Initial.
Karate Black Belt Damage vs. unarmed units increased by 30%.Level 120.
Kendo Black Belt Damage vs. armed units increased by 30%. Level 240.

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