Generic Evilities
(Available in Evility Labs)
Evility Effect
Heal Gain Heal amount increased by 50% when receiving healing magic.
Fire Body Damage decreased by 50% when receiving fire attack.
Windy Body Damage decreased by 50% when receiving wind attack.
Cool Body Damage decreased by 50% when receiving ice attack.
Star Body Damage decreased by 50% when receiving star attack.
Muscle Mastery HP Aptitude Increased by 10%
Mind Mastery SP Aptitude Increased by 10%
Offense Mastery ATK Aptitude Increased by 10%
Defense Mastery DEF Aptitude Increased by 10%
Casting Mastery INT Aptitude Increased by 10%
Dodge Mastery SPD Aptitude Increased by 10%
Snipe Mastery HIT Aptitude Increased by 10%
Resist Mastery RES Aptitude Increased by 10%
Poison Vaccine Chance to evade poison effect increased by 50%
Sleep Vaccine Chance to evade sleep effect increased by 50%
Paralyze Vaccine Chance to evade paralyze effect increased by 50%
Forget Vaccine Chance to evade forget effect increased by 50%
Deprave Vaccine Change to evade deprave effect increased by 50%
Ailment Immunity Chance to evade ailments increased by 20%

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