Post Game Character Evilities
Includes the Diez Gentlemen (minus Salvatore and Master Big Star)
Evility Effect Unlocked
Uber Overlord Soul Special attack damage increased by 20%. Initial.
Furious Rage ATK increased every time a normal attack is received. Level 2000.
Suppression Stare Damage taken decreased by 50% if enemy HP is under 50%. Level 3000.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Dominant Smile Stats of ally Prinnies on map increased by 20%. Initial.
Ecstasy When joining a team attack, EXP gain increased by 50%. Level 2000.
Sadistic Damage dealt increased by 30% if enemy's HP is max. Level 3000.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Love Field Nulls instant death effects on allies. Initial.
Natural Oafy Aura Damage decreased by 50% when damaged by an elemental attack. Level 2000
Healing Paradise Healing magic effects to allies on map increased by 100%. Level 3000.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Power of Miracles Increase stats of ally ghosts on map by 20%. Initial.
Bond of Souls No turn limit when using Magichange. Level 1000.
Shine of Souls Increase Mana gain of allies on map by 20%. Level 2000.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Heroine's Dream Increase stats by 5% per male ally unit on map. Initial.
Sky High Movement type becomes flying type. Level 800.
Dead or Alive Normal attack crit rate becomes 100% for both sides. Level 1600.

Evility Effect Unlocked
Obvious Tendency Increase stats by 5% per female ally unit on map. Initial.
Entertainment Life Nulls nonelemental special attacks if HP is under 25%. Level 1600.
Image Change Switch values of HP & SP, and ATK & HIT. Level 2400.

Prism Red
Evility Effect Unlocked
Battle Order Increase ATK of adjacent ally units by 20%. Initial.

Diez Gentlemen Evilities (All evilities are Initial)
Prinny Mask
Evility Effect
Heavy Stance Cannot be lifted, but stats increase by 20%.

Beyond X
Evility Effect
Pretty Motion Damage taken from male units decreased by 50%.

Evility Effect
Divine Killer Damage dealt to human type units increased by 25%.

Evility Effect
Divine Soul Crush 50% of damage dealt also deals damage to SP.

Bo Tie
Evility Effect
Divine Revival When HP is under 25%, recovers fully at the end of turn.

Evility Effect
Divine Dark Blood Stats increased by 5% per monster unit on map.

Evility Effect
Divine Darkness Pact Stats increased by 30%, HP cannot be healed by magic.

Evility Effect
Divine Macho Splendor Damage taken from female units decreased by 50%.

Breezy Satina
Evility Effect
Divine blood Insanity Damage dealt increased by 30% when target HP is under 50%.

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