Disgaea 3's Story

by Legis

The game takes place in Nether Institute in the Netherworld (Hell). Since it is a demon's school, a good student is one who engages in delinquent activities such as ditching classes, and not doing homework (wouldn't you like it if our schools were the same?).

Mao, son of the Demon that is the chairman of Nether Institute and Overlord of the Netherworld, has not once attended class since the beginning of school and is known as its Top Honor Student.

Mao's dad steps on his SlayStation Portable and this angers Mao, as he lost over 4 million hours in his gamesave. Because of this, he wants to overthrow his father and take the title of Overlord for himself.

After reading a few volumes in his manga, Mao comes to the conclusion that "heroes are the ones who defeat devils". He decided to become a Hero, but the problem is, heroes stand for Justice and Love, something demons don't know of. Eventually, Raspberyl, the delinquent of the school and Mao's childhood friend, learns about Mao's plan and begins to worry.

If Mao were to achieve the title of Hero (by acting in the name of Justice, etc.), then it would endanger her position as the school's "Number One Delinquent" (She follows the rules, has perfect attendance, etc. Remember it is a Demon School, so being good is bad and vice-versa).

She makes up her mind to follow Mao, stop his plan, and once again secure her title. However since Raspberyl is a demon delinquent, she tries to solve the problem without violence and talk him out of it instead.

Seeing this from a distance, Almaz, a human "hero" himself, misunderstands the situation and tries to save the day. Mao accepts the challenge and defeats him, stealing Almaz's title in the process. With the title of Hero, Mao believes he is one step closer to defeating his father and achieving his goal of becoming an Overlord.

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